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org::debian::maven::packager::DependenciesSolver Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Analyze the Maven dependencies and extract the Maven rules to use as well as the list of dependent packages.

Ludovic Claude

Definition at line 56 of file DependenciesSolver.java.

Public Member Functions

File getBaseDir ()
List getIssues ()
File getListOfPoms ()
File getMavenRepo ()
File getOutputDirectory ()
String getPackageName ()
String getPackageType ()
List getProjects ()
boolean isExploreProjects ()
void saveListOfPoms ()
void saveMavenCleanIgnoreRules ()
void saveMavenIgnoreRules ()
void saveMavenPublishedRules ()
void saveMavenRules ()
void saveSubstvars ()
void setBaseDir (File baseDir)
void setExploreProjects (boolean exploreProjects)
void setListOfPoms (File listOfPoms)
void setMavenRepo (File mavenRepo)
void setNonInteractive (boolean nonInteractive)
void setOutputDirectory (File outputDirectory)
void setPackageName (String packageName)
void setPackageType (String packageType)
void setProjects (List projects)
void setRunTests (boolean b)
void solveDependencies ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void executeProcess (final String[] cmd, final OutputHandler handler)
static void main (String[] args)

Protected Attributes

File baseDir
boolean exploreProjects
File listOfPoms
File mavenRepo = new File("/usr/share/maven-repo")
File outputDirectory
String packageName
String packageType
List projects = new ArrayList()

Private Member Functions

boolean askIgnoreDependency (Dependency dependency, String message)
boolean canBeIgnoredPlugin (Dependency dependency)
boolean canIgnoreExtension (Dependency dependency)
boolean canIgnorePlugin (Dependency dependency)
boolean containsDependencyIgnoreVersion (Collection dependencies, Dependency dependency)
boolean containsPlugin (String[][] pluginDefinitions, Dependency plugin)
boolean isDefaultMavenPlugin (Dependency dependency)
boolean isJavadocPlugin (Dependency dependency)
boolean isTestPlugin (Dependency dependency)
void resolveDependencies (File sourcePom, Collection poms, boolean buildTime, boolean mavenExtension, boolean management)
void resolveDependencies (File projectPom)
void resolveDependenciesLater (File sourcePom, Collection poms, boolean buildTime, boolean mavenExtension, boolean management)
void resolveDependenciesNow ()
String searchPkg (File pomFile)
void setGenerateJavadoc (boolean b)
String toString (Set s)

Static Private Member Functions

static int inc (int i, String[] args)

Private Attributes

boolean askedToFilterModules = false
boolean checkedAptFile
Set cleanIgnoreRules = new TreeSet()
Set compileDepends = new TreeSet()
boolean filterModules = false
boolean generateJavadoc
Set ignoredDependencies = new HashSet()
Set ignoreRules = new TreeSet()
List issues = new ArrayList()
boolean nonInteractive
Set optionalDepends = new TreeSet()
List pomsConfig = new ArrayList()
List projectPoms = new ArrayList()
Repository repository
Set rules = new TreeSet()
boolean runTests
Set runtimeDepends = new TreeSet()
Set testDepends = new TreeSet()
List toResolve = new ArrayList()

Static Private Attributes

static final String[][] DOC_PLUGINS
static final String[][] EXTENSIONS_TO_IGNORE
static final String[][] PLUGINS_THAT_CAN_BE_IGNORED
static final String[][] PLUGINS_TO_IGNORE
static final String[][] TEST_PLUGINS


class  GetPackageResult
class  NoOutputHandler
interface  OutputHandler
class  ToResolve

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