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org::debian::maven::packager::GenerateDebianFilesMojo Class Reference

Inherits org::apache::maven::plugin::AbstractMojo.

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Detailed Description

Generate the Debian files for packaging the current Maven project.

generate process-sources

Ludovic Claude

Definition at line 48 of file GenerateDebianFilesMojo.java.

Public Member Functions

void execute () throws MojoExecutionException

Protected Attributes

String binPackageName
List collectedProjects
String downloadUrl
String email
boolean generateJavadoc
ArtifactRepository localRepository
File outputDirectory
String packageName
String packager
String packagerLicense
String packageType
MavenProject project
boolean runTests

Private Member Functions

List listSharedJars (String library)
void makeExecutable (String file)
List split (String s)


interface  DownloadType

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