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org::debian::maven::plugin::SysUninstallMojo Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::debian::maven::plugin::SysUninstallMojo:


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Detailed Description

Remove installed files and symlinks from the /usr/share hierarchy


Definition at line 11 of file SysUninstallMojo.java.

Public Member Functions

void execute () throws MojoExecutionException

Protected Member Functions

void copyJar () throws IOException
void copyPom () throws IOException
String debianFullRepoPath ()
String debianJarName ()
String debianPomName ()
String destJarName ()
String destPomName ()
String fullCompatPath ()
String fullRepoPath ()
String getArtifactId ()
File getDebianDir ()
String getDebianPackage ()
String getDebianVersion ()
String getDestArtifactId ()
String getVersion ()
void initProperties ()
String jarName ()
String packagePath ()
String pomName ()
void runMojo () throws IOException
String versionedFullCompatPath ()

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